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  As you aware, the Sea Ports Authority of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has implemented a mandatory procedure whereby all IMDG cargo will need to clear customs before they are allowed to be discharged at the port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, effective 13 November 2015.

  To ensure your hazardous cargo are pre-cleared before discharge, you are advised to take the necessary measures from the following guidelines:

  Shippers must notify their consignees well in advance and ensure that the consignees have proper documents (Original Bill of Lading or Telex Release or Waybill) at least 3-4 working days prior to the arrival of shipment at Jeddah. This will allow them to collect Delivery Order and complete related formalities in time.

  Customs clearance permission must be provided to the customs at the time of booking at Port of Loading (POL).

  Please ensure all cargo documents (including Bill of Lading and shipper’s dangerous good declaration) must contain accurate and complete contact numbers of the consignees, including: name of person-in-charge in consignee’s office, telephone and mobile phone numbers, and email address.

  We would like to remind our customers to comply with the above procedure, to ensure the smooth delivery of your shipment. Failure to comply may result in containers left on board the vessel and not allowed to discharge in Jeddah.



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